The Centre For Ritual Occult Studies Compiled by Doomtube. By Phil Beeken. The ongoing project, its aims, conclusions and purpose. The text below has been extracted from a number of publications produced with the purpose of explaining what the on going art project and organisation C.R.O.S is. The lines between fact and ficion blur. The Centre for Ritual Occult Studies is a not for profit organisation which was founded in 1916. It was originally set up to study specifically the use of ritual in occult practices, however today its research is much further ranging than purely the ritual aspect of occult and esoteric work. The centre was the feature of a 1976 BBC television documentary program ÔWorld in ActionÕ however all copies of the film were destroyed along with many rare and profound case studies in a mysterious (and very suspicious) flood in 1982. Documents, case notes and a vast library of research in all areas of the occult, cult, alchemical, paranormal and levitation (among many others) can be viewed by members. Weekend memberships are available, longer study times can be arranged. The latest advancements in computer technology is being harnessed to communicate with The Others. Also the centre has access to the latest neurochemical research as well as the more traditional occult devices. Recently the Centre has been working with an ultra secretive and extremely ancient order to try and recreate Alchemical and Philosophical experiments discovered written on goat skin parchment in the basement of a disused public house off Fleet Street. Although the majority of the writing on these parchments is in Latin it does contain an as yet undeciphered writing system which we believe has been in some way aiding with our digital and analogue video works. Exactly what is all this? Why is it here? What is it really all about? The above questions and many more have been asked of C.R.O.S recently. Why, for such a long time the C.R.O.S have been so publicity shy that to suddenly be thrust into the limelight* itÕs all a little overwhelming. So letÕs start somewhere near the beginning of the whole enterprise. It started with a long strange bout of illness, a strange notion gripped our man. Grand old Occult Control Towers and Sleeper Agents and silver eyed spider humanoids. A prolonged period of recuperation was undertaken. Exactly which came first, ÔThe Fucking terrifying MaSSive SHARD of DEATHÕ or ÔThe intrepid Order Of The Yellow MothÕ is debatable. Great debating sessions on this point have been undertaken and no consensus has ever been reached. This is a mute point really, it is not important to the bigger tale. One thing is sure though, from the point the Shard film was spat onto Youtube the ball was firmly rolling... it was only a matter of time before the C.R.O.S became involved. But this is not answering any of those questions is it? Indeed it seems really just to be producing more questions, who are the Order? What on earth is that Shard film all about?


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