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Doomtube, who/what is doomtube?
The unveiling.
Doomtube AKA Ameobatube.

Phil Beeken, an outsider artist? .. only in my own mind I suppose. I am an Artist, I do make art. No one really sees it but then this does not deter me.

I did study art at art school and art college, indeed all told i have six years of art education (seven if you include the fact that I took a year out whilst studying my M.A. ….. thinking about it I may have also taken a year out whilst doing my B.A which means it’s seven years, but does it matter?
I’m suddenly struck by the thought that all this should be written in the third person, by myself. Indeed I should write all about myself in the third person, that is usually how these thing are done isn’t it?
I am also struck by the fact that I have indeed done something like this before for the old page, and I also am aware that not many people will ever read this so basically I can write what ever I like.
I do indeed have a masters degree from the Royal College of Art. Recently I was sort of told that I should always mention this, sort of stick it at the end of my name. But if I did that I feel I would end up trying to live up to peoples expectations of what someone who went to such a well regarded place should be like and alas, I do doubt I am anything like one of those people.
Everything blends into everything else. I’m writing this at on the 29th of june 2013, after a week of redoing this website. I do feel a little better now about giving out details of this site. It does look quite a bit better. What I mean by everything blends into one another is that I’m writing this for the ‘about’ section but it could just as easy go fit into the rambling page…. I’m rambling.

I’ve been in a few shows. Last year the ritual film got shown twice, at two different film events.
This year the Green TV was shown in a show at a local gallery. Indeed a film I made about that gallery was also shown there.
I am working along with my friend Will Bramley (whos site is in the links page) on a new film. It is indeed at the present time something that is constantly on my mind. I am obsessed. I feel like I’m rushing through recreating the web page so I can get back to editing and shooting and writing the damn thing. Indeed also research is a major part of the film as I want the blend of fantasy and reality to be quite seamless. However I’ve created a page for that whole thing elsewhere and GOD DAMN IT me going on about that film is not really anything to do with doomtube is it?

So where does the name ‘doomtube’ come from?

Well that is an interesting question (for me at least, just because it gives me a bit more to write about and therefore filling up the page here making me look like I’m a lot more interesting than I actually am) ….Doomtube the name comes from the bastardisation of the phrase ‘ the tube of doom’ which was a phrase that came out of a long weekend around the winter of 1998 with little sleep and the consumption of lysergic acid diethylamide 25. Anyway in September of the following year I began my studies of Art on a foundation course at Winchester school of art. It was in the spring term of 2000 that I first started to use the internet. And I recall trying to set up some kind of home page entitled ‘the tube of doom’ Unfortunately this was taken. However doomtube was free. And so doomtube stuck. What however is doomtube. On one level it is a simple pseudonym, a ‘also known as’, daft. If I do think a little deeper though it does seem to come from a very central place inside me:

I have been diagnosed (in 2001 I think) with a mixture of bipolar and schizoaffective disorder, this in itself is debatable (which it is, not that I have it, or them….) I did for a few years believe it was bipolar however they then decided it was indeed schizoaffective disorder and told me this is what I’d always been diagnosed with. I do though remember being told I had bipolar. The people who tell you these things can’t really be argued with though, due to the fact that I, the patient, with a mental health diagnose can’t possibly be capable of constant rational thought. No, that’s not strictly true, it’s much more about the these people admitting to mistakes. The doctor is always right. The massive multinational drug company behind the doctor is even more right (this is what the doctors are telling themselves when they take that holiday in the Bahamas paided for by the Eli lilly… and not sarcastically). These things, the fine actual solid facts of the thing could be debated backwards and forwards for a good long while, so I’ll just give a sort of general over view of the situation: I have a diagnosed mental health condition on the schizophrenic spectrum*. I do however have insight into my condition which helps me manage it quite well. Indeed I am often well enough to function as a normal person and sometimes even enjoy the company of other humans.

All this said however my diagnosis was made at around the turn of the millennium at which point I’d reached my mid-twenties. Prior to this I was free of any labels and quite freely mad.

Back to ‘the tube of doom’ then, if you recall I was diagnosed post the invention of the name doomtube, but with hindsight it is rather interesting that this name is really such a dark and depressing thing. A tube, vast into the bowels of the earth, and full of nothing but doom, this is indeed a millennial thought(possibly).

So you may now be getting some notion of the whole idea of it.

If you, for instance put the word ‘doomtube’ into the search engine google I believe the first thing that comes up is a webpage I created six or seven years ago. This will take you to a blog that was started in 2005. If you want to read acres of random antipsychotic drug enduced ramblings you are quite welcome to.

So lets get right back to what this is. This is the about page for doomtube, doomtube who is actually Phil beeken. I do hope you have bothered to read down this far as this might be the best bit. I was born in 1974 in Sheffield (this gives you an idea of my age) I gained three GCSE passes but ended up with a Masters degree, something I’m quite proud of. I am a practicing artist and full time father. The art is, as stated all over the place on this website, not really ever seen (as stated many many times), but I will keep doing it as It keeps me sane…. Actually thinking of that is this the place that I should talk about the films…? NO! there are indeed whole sections for that . So I hope this is giving you some kind of general idea… to find out more just follow this link

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