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The original intention of this site was to be a further guide to the understanding of an object that is known as 'The Strange DVD'.
The Strange DVD was created towards the end of 2011 as a social experiment that was never put into practice. Indeed the intention of the experiment was to see how interested people are in strange things. Strange things being this DVD that they find in the urban (usually London) enviroment, take home, watch and wonder what on earth it is they have just seen. There is an opening sequence that points the viewer in the direction of this website. Then the idea was that the website would just add further to the viewer's sense of something 'otherworldly'.

None of this ever happened. Few people in the world own the DVD. Fewer (if any) have seen its entire contents. Indeed the DVD could contain up to an hour and a half of different footage, short films, and ritual video, however due to its nature some of the footage/films can only be discovered through a complex viewing experience where films may have to be viewed a number of times in order for a new film to appear. Some will play randomly after a 'menu' has been left on the screen for a number of minutes. Yes the thing is not just a social experiment that never happend and a form of outsider video art[for more information on the creator of the Strange DVD's outsider status see the About section] that has never been seen but also an experiment in the entire DVD format. Times change so quickly and it seems now as though the DVD itself will soon become something of a relic. Everything is virtual.

There is however still a place for the vinyl records and an awful lot of homes still have a DVD player or a computer equipped with a DVD player, optical media is not quite dead yet.

Since its creation in 2011 it has lived in a variety of different guises - at present as a limited edition (all numbered and signed) that was produced for an art exhibition, suffice it to say none were sold.As you can see from the photograph taken of it below the actual box contained an Intrepid Order Of The Yellow Moth card as well as a leaflet detailing the contents of the DVD.This leaflet can be viewed (for the first time on the internet) below It is sometimes listed on Ebay as an ongoing experiment. By its very nature it is quite inaccessible and therefore quite confrontational as a piece of art. It may one day be pulled apart and rebuilt as a single film, although since it no longer exists as anything other than DVD data this would be quite a job, although not impossible, indeed it may well be undertaken as the nights begin to draw in.

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Click the little image to the left there to view a larger image of the paper insert that was created for the red box edition of the Strange DVD. If, having viewed it you are interested in purchasing it send a message via the join for info page.

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