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"The study, or repeated walks through central London, the filming of buildings that seem to produce certain Psychic vibrations/certain ultra spectrum colours, that project through time, from history so to speak. The Intrepid Order of the Yellow Moths profound and pure cause and reason to exist. To discover Vibratic cultivations of Occult Thought Colours [also it should be mentioned a study of the lost art of the Achemical practice as well as its philosophy: the white stone that bleeds and the gold of enlightement] -the colours from the outside of space, beyond the edges of the observable universe.
A lone figure repeatedly walking, searching the streets and trying to hear the encrypted structures. Beyond this are arcaic lay lines and great unconscious dream structures-Vast Vibrant Power Arials/Other Controllers.


Hidden Historic Towers. Our 'Voice Over' [referring to the voice over of the movie that is constantly scrolling through the head] rebounds through Hermetic symbols
Darkly unreasonable shapes haunt the rhythmic ritualistic auto attempting to create within the viewer a near dream state. "

That comes from one of the innumerable note books kept in order to attempt to pin down exactly what is trying to be achieved........ART | OCCULT | MENTAL INSTABILITY.*.. these things entwined.

*That link will take you to a page containing a scanned image of a piece of writing written to describe The Ritual Film: Vibrations on the Analogue. More about that film can be found in the film section here


Authors note: Again I feel i'm not quite explaining it as well as it could be...explained. The thing is it is as though by its very nature it is close to being Unexplainable, it is Mystery and my research into these things that we call Mysteries.... indeed it has grown into some kind of rambling blog. This is no bad thing I think, indeed I should not waste any further space and time trying to pin down the purpose and reason of the thing and just get on with its evolution.

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Welcome to the New look STRANGE DVD website.

A WORD OF MILD WARNING: Whilst all endeavours have been made
Well oto make this new webpage as smartphone/tablet friendly, it is still
probably best viewed on a large screen.

1)This website is the sole work of Doomtube*. Opinions, Thoughts, Images, Ideas, are my own**.

2)Viewer discretion is advised ... although that said (unless raw meat is shocking to you)
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3)I am NOT A WEBSITE DESIGNER. I would like to one day design a whistles and bells flash
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and the like is better spent creating the actual 'art'.

4)THE ART: The Art is films and pictures and some writing.

5)The Occult/The Esoteric/The unusual side of existence. Charles Fort,William Burroughs, H.P.Lovecraft.

6)Everything here is Fact=Nothing is True.

7)The menu bar above links to the Original website that will be left as is for prosperity, the new additions
will all be in the new style.

8)This Website is a little illogical (see No 3) there may be dead links and half files etc, this is how things


: at the top of every new page of the redesigned website is a twitter feed
I've put that in a prominent place as Twitter is the way I most often communicate thoughs and ideas
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**Doomtube is an alias, seems rather pointless at present, a further explanation can be found on the About page,
look there if you care.

*note: except for a few stolen Gifs and images... but that goes without saying, if you spot something you own get in touch... we can figure
something out

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