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The first shard film was put together by two artists working very closely together over a period of about sixty hours. The film has been viewed on 'Youtube' over one thousand times. It was an attempt at recording the broken thought patterns of the darker thoughts of a disturbed mind. Everything that has followed has been either influenced by or in response to The first Shard Film. The film was made before the actual Shard building was completed.

Since the making of the film however various avenues of research have opened up and other film makers, writers, and indeed whole new areas of thought have been delved into. Brought about by a fascination with the 'off kilter', Esoteric and unusual aspects of London, the film is a strange documentary and short travel log. Or is it a true look at the horrors of the tallest/darkest new building in Britain? Now not to say that it is easy or sensical viewing. Remember "what you will see are FACTS" as it says on the original 'Youtube' posting of the film.

Due to the nature of the creation of the film by two people working very closely together and now, only having acsess to one person's point of view, it would unfair to discuss further details(it is the intention to at some point interview both artists and post that interview on this site) ... HERE IS THE FILM:


LAST UPDATE: 22th October 2013

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Further to the above short piece of writing it is the intention to get from both artist that worked on the film there own interpretation of the film and put them on this site.

Here is another short piece of writing about the shard film that was writen for a recent exibition:

On the 5th of Febuary 2012 a short film was uploaded to the video sharing website known as Youtube. The film having the name ‘THE terrifying maSSive SHARD of DEATH’ and is ‘a quest to discover and expose the chilling truth behind one of londons biggest newest shiniest building.’

The two creators of this film, Phil Beeken and Will Bramley wrote shot edited and composed the music for the film in a forty-eight hour period.

“Just watched your Youtube film- I like it... kind of absurdist DIY punk take on Iain Sinclair, is how it grabbed me..”


The film is a psychogeographic exploration of conspiracy theories inspired by strange half forgotten occult histories. The Shard itself now towers over all of London popping up in the sky line in the most unexpected of places, rather like modern conspiracy theories with the help of the World Wide Web.

All facts in the film are true. The film is the truth.

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