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The Intrepid Order of The Yellow Moth


History tells us little of the precise origins of ‘The Intrepid Order of the Yellow Moth’(IOYM), like so many of the esoteric groups that have become a part of the Mythical Occult landscape.If half the Legends are true then the IOYM could be mixed up in some of the strangest events in world history. Voodoo death slaves seep from their pores if any of it is remotely believable. If we look for at the history of the Rosicrucianism for instance, various pamphlets were anonymously published in the early seventeenth century alluding to the founder living back in the fourteenth century. This is an example of a group creating for itself a history that may not actually be factual.

Keeping this in mind the short history of the IOYM set out here comes only from Primary sources. The first mention of the IOYM in official history books comes around the time of (the father of the western occult tradition) Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535). Although Agrippa himself never speaks directly of the Order he does allude to some of the rituals they are attributed to as creating. Around the time of the rise of the Rosicrucian enlightenment (the early seventeenth Century) many other peripheral groups and orders were being set up and established. Over the decades many of these orders thrived and became part of accepted scientific and theological learning.. The IOYM made a decisive split from this collection of ‘accepted’ orders and groups to the point where it seemed the order almost vanished from history entirely. There are, however, obscure references to certain strange mathematical and geometrical theories from that time that later turn up in the orders ceremonial magic practices. As the age of ‘The golden Dawn’ and the turn of the 20th century, occult orders were at the height of their powers and it seems as though the IOYM had become active again. References to them appear in various ‘occult personalities ‘ diaries and there is even an article about them in a well known London newspaper. Limehouse opium dens, dealings with Haitian Dream temple masters and the battle of Depot street, all are interwoven into the IOYM’s spinning histories…


Of course the above is a very brief history indeed, and does not cover any of the specific actions of the Intrepid Order, which of course would be unwise to publish in too much detail.


LAST UPDATE: 10 th Febuary 2014

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